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Adnym – not an anonymous brand for anonymous people. Rather a brand who has chosen silence and discretion as a marketing tool and a way to establish an emotional connection between wearers and unisex garments which do not scream for attention. With a long background in fashion, Stefan Söderberg and Frippe Persson started Adnym in 2016 and characterize it as ”relaxed avantgarde”. In other words, well-constructed pieces with subtle details in interesting materials. Many of them remain sustainably across seasons and re-appear in collections whose names are symbolic, but really not that important according to their creators. The key concept is integrity, in a double way: Adnym’s creators have integrity, but they also respect the integrity of the wearers. The discrete logotype can be shown, if desired – but far from all Adnym pieces are discrete. Colours, patterns and unexpected detailing has gained Adnym dedicated followers in Sweden and internationally.

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