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If it is possible to find your own little niche in the realm of perfume making, a small space with its very own but new smells, Swedish perfume makers Stora Skuggan have probably done so. All their scents are developed and compounded by hand by a small group of perfumers and designers in their fragrance studio in central Stockholm. They say: “We had all been used to only the same smells, the same architecture.” But then came their first scent “Fantôme De Maules” in 2015 – and things changed ... Stora Skuggan scents surprise and fascinate, in notes as well as in names: try the mysterious “Moonmilk” or “Silphium”! Or "Hexensalbe" - a licorice-endrenched fragrance inspired by the ointment used by witches, giving them flying capacity. Every scent is connected to a fact-fiction mixed narrative – like the scent ”Azalai” which mixes blood orange with mint, saffron and gum acacia – a scent desert mirage to honour a lonely acacia tree along the Tuareg trade route Azalai. (As if that wasn't enough - there is also a sound interpretation of the notes of Azalai!)
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