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When you hear Sicilian perfume maker Meo Fusciuni talking about his perfumes, you understand that he takes it very seriously. He started the self-named brand in 2010 and sees it as a research, to use his own word. A research into himself and into olfactory memories, done in his atelier named The Temple and on his many travels. For every fragrance he writes a diary, and this narrative accompanies the finalized perfume. For “Narcotico” it was going back to his roots in Sicily and opening his grandmother’s wardrobe, while “Little Song” was about a letter never sent to his friend about his necessary creative solitude. “Varanasi”, which is part of a “timeless trilogy” of perfumes, recalls travels to India and with some of his other “Nota di viaggio” you travel to Laos and Morocco. One of the latest perfumes, “Sogni”, is his dream of Japan and a morning by a temple and a peony in Kyoto.
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