Collection: Atl. Oblique

Looking for new ways of expression, Mario Lombardo created Atl. OBLIQUE to preserve his life journey and memories as olfactory notes. The name OBLIQUE is taken from the French typography expression for italic, which links the brand with Lombardo’s design roots. He chose to launch a scented candle collection following the alphabet to give every letter an olfactory heart. From this starting point, the brand evolved to an internationally known boutique artisanal perfume house with a signature look, linking modern German design with the poetic and high class French perfume art.
Elegance, high-quality ingredients, and outstanding design. The niche perfume house Atl. OBLIQUE not only composes its fragrances in France but also produces all collections in Germany. The unisex Eau de Parfum line continuous this luxurious path with unique compositions and small batch production.

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