Meo Fusciuni - Sogni
Meo Fusciuni - Sogni

Meo Fusciuni - Sogni

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"I woke up, my body lying on the tatami, the smell of the rush reaches me, like a hand resting on my shoulder, it's scent mingles with that of the pine needles of my bonsai tree. 

I read until I fell asleep, a  short story of Kawabata.
The vase in the tokonoma, a white peony. 

Far away, the bamboo forest wet with autumn rain, frames the red maples. 

The ryokan room is bare. There's only a small wooden table to write on and a deep scent of sandalwood, cedar and frankincense. 

Kyoto, in this season, is as silent as a stone garden. everything is timeless and time itself is mute. "


Composition: Tatami, pine, needles, Rice Absolute, Peony, Bamboo, Kodo Ritual, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Oakwood, Roasted Green Tea, Tobacco, Guaiac wood,  Incense, Vetiver, Musk, Amber

Perfum, 100ml, Made in Italy