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 "A Mistpouffer is an unexplained natural sound, a sonic boom like distant cannon

fire that seems to come out of the fog over large lakes or rivers. It has been

recorded all over the world throughout history, and is the source of many

legends. In Japan the phenomenon is called Uminari meaning “cries from the

sea”. In Connecticut the Machimoodus State Park gets its name from the Native

American name for the area, which means “place of bad noises”.

Despite scientific attempts to understand the sounds (that can still be heard

to this day), its source has still not been identified. Possible explanations

include solar winds resonating in the atmosphere, underground earthquakes

or gas bubbles being released from the deep. Others believe it is the work of

extraterrestrial or subsurface civilizations. Early settlers in North America

were told by the native Haudenosaunee Iroquois that the booms were the sound

of the Great Spirit continuing his work of shaping the earth."


Top notes - Immortelle / Bergamot

Mid notes - Fig leaf / Pine / Ozone

Base notes - Smoke / vetiver / Malt sugar / Cypriol